Cannabis wellness done the Swiss way

Cannabis legalization in Switzerland commenced in 2011, with a set limit for all cannabis products to less than 1 percent THC and no limits for CBD content. In the Swiss tradition, a burgeoning wellness industry has emerged with innovative CBD healing applications for both the domestic and international markets.

“Kannaswiss” a partner company to Swissleaf is one of the early pioneers in cannabis, with headquarters located outside Zurich.

Some testimonials from their founders, Boris Blatnik and Di Cassano:

  • “You feel like you should be high, because you have a body high, but your mind is completely clear”
  • This low potency pot is like drinking a couple glasses of wine”
  • “It really calms the nervous system without the psychoactive effects”

“KannaSwiss” has achieved remarkable growth and acceptance across Europe and North America. Years of R&D development and exclusivity to superior high CBD content low THC proprietary cannabis clones and organically produced hemp has lead to promising treatments for pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and athlete recovery, just to name a few successes.

Swissleaf has established a distribution agreement with “KannaSwiss” for the importation of exclusive genetics for cultivation and marketing by Swissleaf in Canada and the US.

Plant Reproducibility

One of the biggest challenges the worldwide cannabis industry faces is product quality issues, the ability to replicate exact genetics, product composition, and consequently poor end user experiences. Swissleaf’s bio-dome provides the perfect baseline for an ideal environment to control most contamination issues affecting plant growth from seedlings right thru to full mature flowering. Secondly, Swissleaf will collaborate with leading Aeroponic technology providers to assure that plant development is meticulously controlled in all stages.

This competitive advantage to other LP’s is consistency in producing predictable cannabinoid plants, irrespective of location. Swissleaf’s overall execution plan is to leverage this advantage and manage all cannabis-processing activities from cultivation, curing, trimming, extraction, and packaging, essentially seed-to-shelf quality assurance.

Dr. Jeffery Raber founder of the ‘The Werc Shop” is a leading cannabis independent testing laboratory located in Southern California, The attached website and youtube video will provide some context to the broad challenges facing cannabis commercialization. Click Here