Craft, organic, indoor cultivation excellence

– Disruptive smart dome structures, engineered for cannabis and leafy green cultivation
– Automated urban vertical farming
– Switzerland sourced landrace CBD genetics

Our Products

The “KannaSwiss” products below bring to the Swiss marketplace a unique distinctive brand and CBD experience. Swissleaf under an exclusive licensing agreement will import selective engineered strains for cultivation and processing in Canada.

“indoor cultivation redefined, smart air-supported domes”

About Swissleaf

Swissleaf is an innovative start-up company focused on disrupting the indoor commercial cannabis cultivation marketplace, currently comprised of hybrid glass ceiling greenhouses and re-purposed industrial warehouse buildings.

The inherent complexity of indoor organic cultivation can be distilled to the following basic design parameters; lighting design, expert environmental controls, ability to protect from outdoor threats and simple easily sanitized grow areas. The adaptation of air-supported sports domes as the main structure in which to house the internal cultivation processes presents an attractive alternative to existing conventional practices.

Swissleaf’s proprietary designs will enable the company to participate in the following key globally emerging markets:

  • Facilitator to craft cannabis entrepreneurs seeking a design-build facility solution that is low CAPEX/OPEX and efficiently addresses cultivator’s most persistent challenges
  • Enabler to other high-value cash crop indoor vertical farming operations utilizing air supported domes versus expensive structural buildings
  • Development of exclusive line of CDB wellness and lifestyle products under the branding label “Swissleaf” leveraging our own unique “smart” cultivation domes


Smart Dome Technology

At present, pressurized “air supported” super domes have been well suited for uses as sports stadiums, soccer fields, cycling velodromes, etc. worldwide. Swissleaf has completed a proprietary design alternative that harnesses the potential of these structures.

Cultivation & Extraction

Aeroponic cultivation technology was initially engineered by NASA for moon exploration and habitation; it has evolved considerably and is establishing a formidable presence in the cannabis space. Swissleaf believes this technology is superior.

Swiss Landrace CBD Strains

Cannabis legalization in Switzerland commenced in 2011, with a set limit for all cannabis products to less than 1 percent THC and no limits for CBD content. In the Swiss tradition, a burgeoning wellness industry has emerged with innovative CBD strains.

Low Cost Producer

As a cost comparison, the capital required for a vertical farm building varies depending on the geographical areas; on average the baseline cost is $75-80 CDN-ft2. Smart-dome installed cost comes in at approximately $30-35 CDN-ft2 and represents major savings.

Project Management

As a general design-build firm, Swissleaf will partner with reputable third party consulting companies with specialization in all facets of engineering and construction. Swissleaf will utilize proven PMI management concepts to drive value to the organization.

Swissleaf Team

Swissleaf prides itself on innovation and clear vision as a startup company. Ingrained in the organization is a culture to challenge industry norms and deliver exceptual value to evolving markets.

Our Uniqueness

Swissleaf will distinguish itself in the indoor cultivation market vertical as the only global design build turn-key supplier of novel air-supported structures, custom retrofitted for premium GMP grade medical cannabis products.

Air-supported domes by nature of their relatively simple construction are a cost-effective solution to create a primary cleanroom environment from which indoor cultivation operations can be designed and virtually assures 100% protection from natural predatory elements from exterior sources

Leading-edge technologies in hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, LED’s, racking systems, and climate controls will propel Swissleaf’s smart-dome to challenge current conventional practices in indoor cultivation.

Our carbon-friendly, urban, vertical indoor cultivation business model presents a significant market opportunity, and Swissleaf will have a first-mover advantage worldwide.

Technology Leadership

Our Partners


Swissleaf’s unique smart-dome adaptation for cultivation represents a disruptively low-cost alternative to the traditional warehouse and or hybrid greenhouse facilities for agricultural uses worldwide.

Swissleaf represents a terrific opportunity for strategic investment in an early stage cannabis supply chain company with ambitions of becoming a formidable CBD wellness products entity.

Interested parties, please contact

Swissleaf Inc
Mississauga, ON